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On the initiative of dr. Dorin Florea, mayor of Tirgu-Mures City, Prime-Minister Emil Boc and Valerian Vreme, minister of Communications and Information Society (MCIS) met with a IBM Research Delegation and a delegation of Tirgu-Mures City, at government headquarters, on Friday, 10th December 2010.

The meeting took place a day after discussion startup for Digital Mures Strategy, which includes, among others, the development of a technological park for medical informatics and research at Tirgu-Mures.

The IBM Research delegation was made up of Tom Reeves, global vice-president of IBM Research, Spiros Teleoglou, IP Business Development Executive, and Mihai Tudor, general manager of IBM Romania. Virgiliu Stan, Items International strategy consultant for Tirgu-Mures City and Bogdan Savonea, chief cabinet secretary of the MCIS were also present.

Exploratory discussions were held regarding the possibility of establishing an IBM Research center in Romania, which could be the 11th in the world. They also considered the possibility that this center be located in Tirgu-Mures and be specialized in the medical sector in partnership with high quality performance academia environment for which Tirgu-Mures is renowned.

Prime-minister Emil Boc laid stress upon Romania’s interest and government’s support of this far-reaching initiative that would  encourage the development of research both in Romania and at the global level.

Mayor Dorin Florea focused on the advantages of establishing such a center at Tirgu-Mures, insisting upon the academia support, the consensus and the local political support as well as the importance of collateral influences the center may have on Tirgu-Mures and the whole area: the creation of work places and the attraction of researchers and specialists from abroad.

At present, IBM Research has 10 research centers totalizing 3,000 researchers from all over the world. In 2008 these centers were financed with 6.3 billion of $.

Upon conclusion of the meeting it was decided that Valerian Vreme, the minister of Communications and Information Society, and Dorin Florea, mayor of Tirgu-Mures City, would analyze this opportunity and find an adequate location for the establishment of the center.

Mayor Dorin Florea insisted on the importance of locating the center in Tirgu-Mures and assured the IBM delegation of his total support; he invited the IBM Research delegation to visit Tirgu-Mures in order to start preliminary discussions and analysis.

Tom Reeves, global vice-president of IBM Research, and Spiros Teleoglou, IP Business Development Executive, accepted the invitation and said they would pay a working visit to Tirgu-Mures next January.


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