1.    PROJECT’S PREZENTATION: General objective: The project "Modernization of the Theatre Square" includes an area of 18,104 sqm and is based on urban regeneration solutions which respect the architectural monument character both of the whole assembly and the monument buildings existent in its perimeter and seeks to preserve the general appearance by respecting the urban concept which led to the creation of this space.

Specific objectives:   Modernization and rehabilitation of the square platform and of the adjacent areas of the National Theatre

- on the area of the former terrace of the Continental Brewer it is meant to achieve an outdoor amphitheater collateral with National Theater (where it can be performed small theater festivals, screenings, concerts, etc)  
- reconfiguration and rehabilitation of the steps, walkways, sidewalks, retaining walls, by replacing the finishes and accomplishment of the  accesses that will allow disabled persons access to the objectives of the Square Theatre and to the new spaces designed for recreation and leisure.  
-  reconfiguration and rehabilitation of the green spaces by arranging the landscapes of existing and newly proposed spaces (eg garden of magnolias in the Franciscan Church Tower and Ethnographic Museum area, the roses garden in the Luxor Junior store area, etc.).  
-  emplacement of new urban furniture (benches, places to sit, trash cans, etc..) having an unitary character within it;  
- rehabilitation of the pedestrian street lighting (ambience lighting and visual guidance) respectively architectural lighting of the perimeter buildings and decorative objects (the tower, museum’s building, theater, statues, fountains, the newly proposed items, etc..) into a unified concept that highlights the whole urban assembly of the area.  
- rehabilitation of the utilities from the emplacement

Modernization and rehabilitation of the gangway and of the adjacent areas:  
- rehabilitation of the gangway’s structural strength  through consolidation  
-  modernization of the parking area from the gateway by optimizing pedestrian routes (their resizing and repositioning), adding parking spaces, endowments and related utilities necessary for the functioning of the parking place (lighting, surveillance of the administration systems, utilities, etc..).

2.    PROJECT’S VALUE:  10.798.786 Lei
3.    FINANCING SOURCE: local budget
6.    STAGE: - on going  






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