General objective: The revaluation of Tirgu Mures Medieval Fortress by redevelopment and conservation, in order to increase the number of tourists.

Specific objectives: -  The increase of the number of tourists due to the improved attractiveness of the fortress -  Restoration of the buildings and of the enclosure for their sustainable revaluation -  Introducing the Tirgu- Mures Medieval Fortress into the tourist circuit -  Improving the environment and maintaining the ecosystem’s balance within the Medieval Fortress by rearranging the green spaces. -  Increasing the number of employees by 25 persons and maintaining the existing staff

The redevelopment work will create the following functions: Wing B: Conference center, Marriage House Wing D: Intercultural center, meeting rooms, accommodation Wing E: Multifunctional spaces (exhibitions, colloquies, traditional cooking), painting workshops, accommodation Wing F: Tourist information and promotion center Wing G: Outdoor theatre The Butchers’ Bastion: Multifunctional spaces, cultural and artistic events The Tailors’ Bastion: Theatre center, club, entertainment room The Coopers’ Bastion: Music club (jazz, chamber-music), youth puppet theatre The Furriers’ Bastion: Youth center, conference rooms, exhibitions The Tanners’ Bastion: Exhibition spaces – art gallery The Small Bastion: Fortress’s museum spaces The Gate’s Bastion: Fortress’s museum, archeological and art spaces  
2.    PROJECT’S VALUE:         
The total value of the project is : 29.220.376,00 lei  from which:        
Non-reimbursable financial assistance (European funds):                21.705.285,15 lei         
Co-financing (local budget):                                                           1.912.669,41 lei
The difference of  5.602.422,14 lei is represented by the non-eligible costs and VAT that will be recovered through special procedures.
3.    THE FINANCING SOURCE: REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME 2007 – 2013, PRIORITY AXEES 5. – Sustainable development and promotion of tourism, KEY AREA OF INTERVENTION 5.1 - “Restoration and sustainable valorisation of cultural heritage and setting up/ modernization of related infrastructure” Management Authority for Regional Operational Programme: MINISTRY OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND TOURISM
6.    STAGE: - organizing an auction for the execution of the works  


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