General objective:

The dysfunctions of the road network in Tirgu Mures, considering the actual traffic conditions, are due to the lack of bypass roads for most of the transit connections. For this reason the traffic is mostly concentrated on few of the major arterial roads of the city, crossing the downtown and its adjacent areas, thus becoming very heavy during peak hours.

One of the bypass roads of the city on the route Cluj- Sighisoara, would be the extension of “Calea Sighisoarei” street, a solution through which the route would become also a quick link between Tudor Vladimirescu neighborhood and the city’s commercial and industrial area  towards Cluj (the area of METRO, AUCHAN, GARDEN CENTER and EUROPEAN RETAIL PARK, but also the areas of public interest located along the national road DN15 at the exit of the city: RAR office, Customs, MBO Complex, auto showrooms, etc)

Specific objectives:

Through the Local Council Decision no. 223/28.05.2008 were approved the technical and economic indicators for the investment “The extension of <Calea Sighisoarei> street in two directions- the connection with the national road DN13 and DN15, Tg.Mures”

According to the feasibility study, the length of the extensions of “Calea Sighisoarei” street is about 6933 m, the traffic will take place on two lanes for each direction. Along the road will be developed cycling routes, respectively sidewalks for pedestrians. Because of the geographical relief, art works will be realized: passages, viaducts and bridges.

Along this route, the investment will affect private proprieties, thus, taking into consideration the laws in force, these will be expropriated.

The chosen route has been divided into road sections as follows:

-  Connection road section between Gh. Doja Street, METRO and the commercial real estate situated on the west side.

- The first projecting road section: between the connection road section and “Calea Sighisoarei” Street

- The actual “Calea Sighişoarei” Street: presently with 2 x 1 lanes between the first and the second projecting road sections  

- The second projecting road section: between “Calea Sighişoarei” Street and 1 Decembrie 1918 Boulevard.


The total value of the project is:             238.902.520,00 lei 

3. FINANCING SOURCE: extra- budgetary sources are to be found



6. STAGE: The Local Council approved the technical and economic indicators for the investment




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